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HUMAN is the most important and valuable asset every organization/institution has in the form of ‘employees’. Competent and motivated employees can make things happen and enable an organization /institution to achieve its goals. And it is in acknowledgement of the fact that it is the people - and not money, machines and materials – that must run organizations/institutions.

A well defined HR strategy in line with the overall organizational strategy along with a well structured and efficient HR department is what it takes to ensure development of employee competencies, dynamism, motivation & effectiveness in a systematic and planned way which ultimately transforms to achieving the organization objectives.

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Expert Guidance &

Support from development
to implementation

With hands on experience in starting and establishing a HR department from scratch, I bring in expertise in all facets of Human Resource Management and am readily available to small & growing organizations for starting & bringing about best HR practices in their organizations.

Knowledgeable in designing, developing & implementing HR policies & practices, I offer an uncompromising approach to quality service, commitment and care for my clients. My approach to people management (HRM) is to: develop and execute policies, programs and practices that align all human activity to corporate objectives.

I offer my expertise and services to all start up, small & growing organizations as an alternative to in-house HR resource or as a support to organizations’ existing HR cell. I also bring in third party objectivity to growing & established organizations to better their working by independent HR audit / engagement surveys and many more.

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